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Q. What is X-Motor Racing?
A. X-Motor Racing is an independent racing simulator that features high precision simulation, realistic driving and FFB, open architecture and constant updates. XMR is being developed as a platform where you can add your own or downloadable cars and tracks.
Q. Where can I find a review for X-Motor Racing?
A. Seems, you can't find it anywhere. I'm afraid, but our review and advertisement budgets are equal to zero.
If you are not kid, try the demo for free instead of reading a venal reviewer. Demo for new racing games is rarity nowadays.
Q. Minimal System Requirements?
A.Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8
DirectX 9c or higher
2600 MHz CPU
1024Mb RAM
512Mb DX10 Video Card, Radeon 4850 or higher
3000 Mb HDD Free Space
Q. Is the 64-bit version available?
A.Yes, it's available in the full version and works 15-25 percent faster on modern PC.
Q. Can I make my own cars/tracks for XMR?
A.Yes, you can make your own cars/tracks for the full version. Download XMR Editor and make your own cars and tracks. All the addons/mods work with the full version only.
Q. Does it support any modding?
A. Yes, modding is one of the strongest sides of X-Motor Racing. You are able to create/edit tracks and cars. You can create and add any type of car, like racing car, grand tourer, sports car, roadster, supercar, Formula 1, Nascar, SUV, family car etc.
Q. What are the cars?
A. You can find them here.
Q. What are the tracks?
A. You can find them here.
Q. Where can I find FFB Tweak Guide?
A. You can find them here.
Q. Where can I find FFB Tweak Guide?
A. You can find it here.
Q. Why Real 3D Simulator?
A. Real 3D means 3D tire/wheel simulation that allows cars in XMR move at any 3D surface, not only 2/2.5D racing track like in many other sims.
Well, that's the main and fundamental difference between XMR and many other sims.
Q. Is it possible to buy the license via PayPal without VAT?
A. Yes, it's possible here.
Q. Does the game have a LAN option?
A. Yes, up to 32 players with Dedicated server.
Q. How many people can connect in multiplayer?
A. Any number, up to 32 players.
Q. Where can I find servers for X Motor Racing?
A. You can find servers in the Menu->Multiplayer->List Of Hosts->Refresh or here.
Have in mind that the demo version has access to demo servers only.
We host game servers in Amsterdam and Sydney.

Also you can host your own server. Just run the XMR Dedi Server.exe from the XMR folder and configure it. You can find more details how to configure server behind NAT here.
Q. It is only in English?
A. There are six languages supported: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French and Russian.
It's very easy to make your own localization. Just copy and translate *.lng, hints*.txt and tPackUI*.trc files.
Q. Is it possible to extract the accelerations, the velocities and the rotation velocities in 3 axis, so to "drive" a motion platform?
A. Yes, it's possible. The full version includes SDK that contains an example to get all in-game data like torque, power, speed, acceleration, rpm, temperature, suspension data, pitch, roll, yaw, slip ratio, slip angles etc. You can do your own telemetry system, code for motion platform etc.
Q. Can I use it as Driving Simulator?
A. Yes, you can use it as Driving Simulator. XMR includes SDK that can extract all internal physics data.
Q. Is the license a life-time license or will you have to buy another updated one after each amount of updates or years?
A. The license is a life-time license. You won't have to buy another for the updates or next year.
Q. What's the best YouTube automation software
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Q. Can I use the SDK to create a robot car? What language is supported?
A. Yes, you can create a robot car. Any language that supports:
- Windows file mapping;
- UDP for Torcs compatible UDP interface.
Q. What is SDK data structure?
A. You can find it here.